The Earlswood Village Museum was founded in 1977, by a group of dedicated members of the Earlswood Historical Society. They undertook to research the history of Earlswood. Artefacts were collected and members of the local community donated items of interest and photographs. The museum was set up in a small room at the Earlswood Village Hall, under the care of a dedicated Curator who continued to build up the collection until 1991. Since that time the museum has continued to grow with more and more visitors returning again and again.

         It soon became apparent that we needed more space to make room for a growing collection and this was achieved with the help of grants from Earlswood Village Hall Trustees, Stratford Council, Tanworth in Arden Parish Council, Cheswick Green Parish Council and a local charity. We had a brand new extension which was opened in May 2013.

         The Museum is run by Mrs. Valerie A. Tonks M.A. (Hon. Curator) and Mr. Chris Moss (Assistant Curator) with volunteers. New volunteers are needed, especially at busy times. No experience is necessary, just an interest in preserving our history and to be on hand to help out.

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